CAS Financial Regulation 2021 confirmed – Start in August 2021

The CAS Financial Regulation 2021 is definitely confirmed. We welcome participants from all over Switzerland. In order to be able to run the course in face-to-face classes in view of Covid restrictions, it will not start until the end of August. There are still a few places available. Registrations are possible until June 30, 2021.

January 2021 – Applications for CAS Financial Regulation 2021

The scheduled starting date of the CAS Financial Regulation 2021 is on 9 April 2021. Applications are still possible until 15 February 2021.

January 2021 – Two CAS faculty members publish textbook on Swiss Financial Markets regulation

Urs Zulauf and Hans Kuhn, both CAS faculty members and responsible for the modules 7 on Fintech regulation and 9 on Enforcing financial regulation, have published a comprehensive textbook on Swiss Financial Markets Regulation in German. An updated French and English version will appear in the course of 2021.

June 2020 – CAS Financial Regulation 2021 launched – New module responsibles

Today, we launch the CAS Financial Regulation 2021 starting in April 2021. This is the fourth issue of this prime course in Financial Regulation, sponsored by the Universities of Geneva and Bern and directed by Urs Zulauf. The basic format is the same as for previous courses, for which we have received very positive feedback from participants. However, we have developed the study program to take account of the rapid development of financial market regulation.

Thus, we have combined all lessons related to digitisation in a special module „Fintech Regulation“ under the direction of Hans Kuhn. Joachim Oechslin is the new head of the „Banking Regulation“ module. The list of guest speakers will again include experienced people with wide experience in financial institutions, regulators and supervisors, central banks, consultancies and academia. The CAS Financial Regulation is open for applications as of now.

CAS Financial Regulation faculty

27 June 2018 – CAS Financial Regulation 2019 launched – Ursula Cassani new chairperson of Supervisory Board

At its meeting of June 26, 2018, the supervisory board of the CAS Financial Regulation elected Professor Ursula Cassani its new chairperson with effect from 1 September 2018. She will replace Anne Héritier-Lachat, who has resigned as a member as of end of August 2018. She could not extend her mandate due to a statutory restriction requiring that the chair is an active faculty member of one of the two Universities.

Ursula Cassani is a member of the CAS Financial Regulation faculty and professor of criminal law, including white-collar crime, at the University of Geneva.

At the same time, the supervisory board took note of the launch of CAS Financial Regulation 2019, which will begin in April 2019 and is open to professionals with university degrees and professional experience in the financial sector.

August 2017 – From Basel 1 to Basel 3.5: Daniel Zuberbühler on Basel Capital Standards

In a three hours lecture Daniel Zuberbühler presents the development of the Basel Capital standards from its beginnings to the current discussions around Basel 3.5/Basel 4. Daniel Zuberbühler represented the Swiss Federal Banking Commission and until 2010 FINMA in the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. He was CEO of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (1996 – 2008) and Vice-chairman of FINMA (2009 – 2011).

Presentation (PDF)
Podcast 1, Podcast 2

8 May 2017 – Development and post-crisis reforms of the Basel Capital Standards

Recorded guest Lecture (in English) by Daniel Zuberbühler, former CEO of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission SFBC, former Vice-chairman of FINMA, representing SFBC and FINMA in the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision from 1996 to 2010. Thursday, 8 June, 14.15 – 18.15, Bern, UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Room A-122. The entrance is free of charge, the number of seats is limited to 70, first come first served, with priority to CAS Financial Regulation students and alumni.


4 May 2017 – US enforcement against (European) Financial firms:
What to expect from the new US Administration?

A panel of distinguished experts is organized in Geneva on 4 May 2017 by the Centre de droit bancaire et financier, the CAS Financial Regulation and the CAS Financial Regulation Alumni Association.

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5.9.2016 – Urs Zulauf: «Wir sehen kein Ende der Regulierung»

Die Ökonomen der Universität Bern und die Juristen der Universität Genf lancierten im vergangenen April den berufsbegleitenden Lehrgang «Financial Regulation». Professor Urs Zulauf erläutert im Interview die Erfahrungen mit dem Lehrgang.

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1.7.2016 – „When money is on fire“, Media report on the CAS Financial Regulation 2016

A journalist of the „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ attended the module on protecting the financial stability under the responsibility of Hugo Bänziger and reported her impressions.


20.6.2016 – CAS Financial Regulation 2017 open for subscription

The application process for the CAS Financial Regulation 2017 starting in April 2017 has been started with deadlines of end September 2016 for early applications and end November 2016 at the latest. All the early applications will be reviewed by mid October 2016band the application window may be closed after that if all the seats are booked by then.

5.12.2015 – CAS Financial Regulation 2016 overbooked

The number of applications for the CAS 2016 significantly exceeded the limited number of seats available in the course. Thus the Executive Committee has selected 25 students who will participate in the 1st edition starting  April 2016. The  CAS Financial Regulation 2017 will begin in April 2017 and the application period will start on 20 June 2016.

23.9.2015 – Maîtriser les nouvelles règles mondiales de la finance

Les universités de Berne et de Genève lancent une formation en emploi destinée aux professionnels suisses.

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27.8.2015 – Aymo Brunetti: «Wir müssen Finanzmarkt-Regulierungen besser verstehen»

Die Ökonomen der Universität Bern und die Juristen der Universität Genf lancieren im April 2016 den berufsbegleitenden Lehrgang «Financial Regulation». Professor Aymo Brunetti erläutert sein Engagement dafür.

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28.6.2015 – Finanzmarktregulierung: Wer versteht sie noch?

Selbst vielen Fachleuten falle es zunehmend schwer, der rasanten Entwicklung in der Finanzmarktregulierung zu folgen und den Überblick zu bewahren, sagt Urs Zulauf. Ein berufsbegleitender Lehrgang will helfen.

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24.6.2015 – Aymo Brunetti und Urs Zulauf in Ausbildungsoffensive («Finanz und Wirtschaft»)

Sie gestalteten bislang die Finanzmarktregulierung. Nun bieten sie einen entsprechenden Lehrgang an.

Urs Zulauf, der langjährige General Counsel der Finma und Chefjurist der vormaligen EBK, nimmt sich erneut der Finanzmarktregulierung an – diesmal allerdings in der Ausbildung: Die Universitäten Bern und Genf lancieren einen gemeinsamen Lehrgang für ein Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Finanzmarktregulierung. Urs Zulauf ist Studiendirektor. Aymo Brunetti, Vorsitzender der Beirates Zukunft Finanzplatz, macht in der Studienleitung mit.

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2.6.2015 – Finanzmarktregulierung: Neuer berufsbegleitender Lehrgang der Universitäten Bern und Genf

Die Universitäten Bern und Genf lancieren einen gemeinsamen Lehrgang für ein Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Finanzmarktregulierung. Die berufsbegleitende Ausbildung richtet sich an Personen mit Berufserfahrung im Finanzbereich, insbesondere aus Finanzinstituten und von Behörden. Professoren der beiden Universitäten und erfahrene Gastreferenten unterrichten auf Englisch an 12 Tagen in Bern und 4 Tagen in Genf.

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2.6.2015 – Régulation des marchés financiers : Les Universités de Berne et de Genève lancent une nouvelle formation professionnelle

Les Universités de Berne et de Genève lancent, dès avril 2016, une nouvelle formation commune débouchant sur un Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) de régulation des marchés financiers. Cette formation continue s’adresse aux personnes ayant déjà une expérience professionnelle dans le domaine de la finance, notamment au sein d’établissements et d’organismes financiers. Les professeurs des deux universités et des conférenciers expérimentés interviendront en anglais pendant 12 jours à Berne et 4 jours à Genève.

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2.6.2015 – Lancement de la nouvelle formation CAS Financial Regulation sous la direction du prof. Urs Zulauf

Avec le CAS Financial Regulation, l’Université de Genève (Centre de droit bancaire et financier) et l’Université de Berne (Département d’économie politique) joignent leurs efforts pour proposer dès 2016 une formation courte, de haut niveau et certifiée aux personnes professionnellement actives dans la réglementation et la surveillance financière. La formation se distingue de celles existantes par son approche stratégique intégrant économie et droit et par l’intervention de nombreuses personnalités de tout premier rang.

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