from students in CAS Financial Regulation 2016 and 2017:

A window opens to the world of financial regulation.

Cette formation nous invite à prendre de la hauteur sur les enjeux et répond à mon souhait de disposer des bons outils pour valoriser mon travail et ma compréhension globale des réglementations financières.

Super organisation et accompagnement.

A just perfectly organized post-graduate course. The teachers, the choice of just excellent guest speakers, the enriching composition of professionals from all financial services‘ areas, the interesting discussions, the good atmosphere between teachers and students and also among the students, the locations and lunches and, most important, the courses themselves – just „Swiss Finish at its best!„.

Brilliant experts and knowlegde of presentors. Good practicionars who knew what the Banking industry sets into business.

Sehr interaktive Lernatmosphäre. Grosses Expertenwissen.

Very well-executed course, with top-notch instructors covering the most important regulatory developments of today and tomorrow. A great opportunity to learn in a collaborative and constructive environment.

Hohes Niveau des Lehrkörpers. Sehr breit. Aktuell.

CAS Financial Regulation students 2016/2017